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We examine the fallout from the election plus out usual news and DGU's and A GUN REVIEW?!?!


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On this weeks show, a disturbing news story out of Houston where a 911 operator doesn't feel much like helping people, so she hangs up on them. 

R.P. Ruggero is interviewed about the 3rd book in his trilogy "Brushfire Plague"

We have the guys from Geeks Gadgets and Guns stop by to tell us what exactly happened with the Galaxy Note 7.

And we have our usual DGU segment


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Charlie Cook steps in to help co-host and GRPC is discussed at length. We also have an interview with George Zimmerman recorded at GRPC.


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Erin Palette is interviewed about Operation Blazing Sword.

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Marty Hayes of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network joins us to talk about the network and it's benefits to members.


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After the charges are finally dropped Paul is able to tell his story.


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This week we have a report from the Cornered Cat instructor development class and Bob Mayne stops by to talk about training that he just completed and the new Self Defense Radio Network.

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Rachel, Susan, and Paul are out taking training this week and so Cheryl and Dan Todd jump in to help co-host.

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