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Lots of news and DGU's this time. Please leave us feedback by calling 605-215-1438 or sending an email to onair@politicsandguns.com

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Last episode we had 4 segments of news, this time we have 2 segemnts of DGU's.... and no email... Please email us your thoughts, ruminations, Christmas wish list, ANYTHING! We love getting feedback! Send it to onair@politicsandguns.com or call 605-215-1438.

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We have 4 segments of news plus DGU's and a few emails to discuss. please keep sending feedback to onair@politicsandguns.com



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We have audio from testimony of our own Rob Morse and others before the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, plus our normal news and DGU's. 

Please send us feedback at onair@politicsandguns.com.



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Derrick with Prepper Press is interviewed as well as our usual news and DGU's. We really want your feedback so email us at onair@politicsandguns.com.

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Doris Montrose of JewsCanShoot.org is interviewed as well as our normal news and DGU's.


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Brandon Combs is interviewed, and we have a really cool announcement!

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Jeff Knox and Carl Chinn are interviewed and we have our usual News and DGU's.

I don't think anyone actually reads this, so if you are have a GREAT day and please ping us one way or another (there are several ways, and you probably know them) and let us know that you actually read this!

Also in case someone actually does read this we would LOVE to get some more feedback!  ;)

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Please leave feedback for the show by emailing onair@politicsandguns.com

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John Pierce is interviewed. We also have our usual news and DGU's

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