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On this episode, we talk with Willes Lee about recent threats to our freedoms and we have a double dose of news and our regular DGU segment.


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Marty Hayes of the Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network talks about some of the cases that they have helped to handle.

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In this episode, we continue to discuss the Valentines Day shooting at the Florida High School.

Robyn Sandoval is interviewed about going from being anti-gun to working with A Girl and a Gun.

Shelley Hill is interviewed about the 2nd annual Mingle

Lara Smith talks about The Liberal's Gun Club

We also have our usual Defensive Gun Use segment and lots of emails!

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On this episode, Brian Hill of the Complete Combatant is interviewed about the new blog that he has created and about communicating with your significant other in an emergency.  


Dr. John Edeen is interviewed about securing hospitals and other public areas 


Plus we talk about the Florida School Shooting and have a special DGU segment featuring all semi-automatic long guns.

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In this week's show, Clover Lawson of Torrent Supressors is interviewed about supressors and what they do, the legality of owning them, and their status in the political world.

Brandon Combs of the Firearms Policy Coalition is interviewed about a recent California court win that opens the door for internet purchases of ammunition again in the Golden State.

We also have our usual news and DGU segments, and NO RECIPIES! 

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In this episode, Dianna Muller is interviewed about The DC Project, a program that has 50 women, one from each of the states, traveling to Washington DC to help get a pro-freedom message to Congress. 


In addition, we have our normal news and DGU segments. 

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We have TONS of information from SHOT Show this week and interviews with Carrie Lightfoot, Julie Golob and Adam Kraut, all of whom are running for the NRA Board of Directors.

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John Daub and Marty Hayes are interviewed this week. 

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Andy Brown is interviewed about his book "Warnings Unheeded: Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base"

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The crew is back after taking a few weeks off for the holidays. No interviews this week.


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