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Rob Pincus is interviewed about Save the 2nd and World Suicide Prevention Day.


This is the 1st of 2 special shows that will be released as we attend the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix this year.

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No Guest this week. San Fran calls the NRA terrorists? We take exception to this and talk about it.


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On this episode, Michael Sodini is interviewed about Walk the Talk America and mental health around the gun community.

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We talk with David Smith - Parkinson Shooter.

We also have the usual news, DGUs and listener feedback.

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On this week's episode, Dr. John Edeen is interviewed about proposed red flag laws and field trauma treatment.


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On today's episode, Cheryl Todd and Amanda Suffecool talk about the DC project, the upcoming Gun Rights Policy Conference and the Amm-Con 2nd Amendment Media Workshop.

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On this episode, John Corriea talks about the ASP YouTube channel, evidence-based training and a variety of other topics.


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Dan Easterday joins us to discuss the gun rights movement "Eating their own"

Our usual news and DGU segments as well as some great listener feedback!

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On the show this week we are joined by Yehuda Remer to talk about his new book "27 Words" and also his upcoming book.


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The show reaches a milestone with the 500th episode!


Rob Pincus of www.2AO.org and I.C.E. Training Company joins us to talk about 2AO and Training


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Ken Whitmore is interviewed about internet commandos and censorship in 2nd Amendment media


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We had some technical difficulties in recording this one so it does seem a bit jumbled. 


Steve Fisher joins us to talk about training trends, the NRA and about anything else that comes to mind!


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On this episode, Dan Easterday is interviewed about his victorious lawsuit against Deerfield IL.


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On this episode, Kat Ainsworth of Range365 joins us for the entire show to talk about bathrooms and guns, the NRA and many other things. 


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Annette Evans sits in with Paul, Grant, and Rob for the entire show!


Annette is the person behind www.blastingbeauty.com and is a renowned firearms trainer. You can keep up with her goings on at https://www.facebook.com/BlastingBeauty/


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We talk with Rick Ector, along with our usual news, DGUs and listener feedback!

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Susan hasn't been able to read any recipes lately ..... let's keep that up! You guys are great!!

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We talk to Annette Evans (Beauty Behind the Blast) and Alex from Ammo.com

Plus the usual news, DGUs and tons of feedback.

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We don't want to listen to Susan read recipes, do we?

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Episode 492

Our usual news, DGUs and an interview with Kat Ainsworth and Ken Whitmore

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Please hurry - Susan says it has been a couple of weeks so she is getting some recipes ready for you!!!!

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Jeff Knox joins us to talk about the happenings surrounding the NRA this week.

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Paul has a new rant for you to listen to. News and DGUs

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We talk to Gina Roberts along with our usual news and DGUs

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We talk with Craig DeLuz along with the usual news, DGUs and listener feedback.

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We talk Fashion Shows, news and DGUs .... what an interesting combination.

Oh yeah, the subject of cheese may come up more than once.

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ACLDN Special - Paul and Marty talk 

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We talk with Brian Hill about TacCon 2019 & training. 

We talk with Laura Carno about red flag laws in CO

and we discuss a special limited time offer for our listeners

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An interview with Connor Daine, Lewis Dennard and Daniel Ward along with our usual news and DGU segments.

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An interview with Shelley Hill from The Complete Combatant about the 2019 Mingle along with our usual news, dgus and fun banter.


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Our final interview with Shayna Lopez-Rivas and Kerry Slone and a roundtable on training

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An interview with Willes Lee and the first part in a series of interviews with Kerry Slone and Shayna Lopez-Rivas along with the usual news, dgu's and emails. 

No recipes this time  :-(

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       or not - then Sue can include recipes!

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No interviews this week. But lots of news and DGUs

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Kevin Sona and Derek LeBlanc

The usual news, DGUs, and banter from the crew


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An interview with Rory Miller and our usual news and DGUs.

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Otherwise, you get to hear recipes again and boy, does Sue have some ....... "interesting" ones! (Please help us!)

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Our final interview in our series about Domestic Violence featuring Karen McDonald and Kat Ainsworth.

Our usual News, DGUs and Email.

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If you don't send stuff, you get the recipes ..... hahahaha

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Interview with Brandon Combs from FPC and a final interview with Kat and Belle about Domestic Violence


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