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Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation is interviewed about their work defending our rights in the current COVID-19 situation, the SAF has been battling government overreach on many fronts, and are busier than ever!

Please help then at www.SAF.org donations have been down and they need help to defend our freedoms!

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On tonight's episode, Rick Ector talks about training 1000 women to shoot in one day!

Dr. John Edeen talks in-depth about the Coronavirus and puts in layman's terms what it means for us.

We also discuss the effect the pandemic is having on our gun rights.

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On Today's episode, we talk with Joe Eaton of FASTER Saves Lives about training school staff. 


We also discuss the Corona Virus and how it is affecting the gun world.

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No guests this week. We talk about Mini Mike Bloomberg Dropping out of the Presidential race in the news segment. In the DGU segment, we have a listener requested DGU story.

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On this episode, we discuss proposed Connecticut legislation with Holly Sullivan, President of Connecticut Citizens defense league.

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On today's episode, Rhonda Ezell is interviewed about her lawsuits against the city of Chicago, current Illinois politics and many other topics.

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An interview with Nickolas Somberg, attorney for Lucas Gerhard, a 20-year-old Michigan college student who was arrested for posting a picture of a rifle to social media.

Also news from Virginia and DGUs.

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The topic this week is sexual harassment in the gun industry.

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This week we speak with Rob Pincus of Save the Second about the NRA Board of Directors elections and other happenings in the NRA. 

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On this episode, we talk about the recently wrapped up SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and welcome new Staff member Amanda Suffecool!

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Alexander Roubian on NJ2AS joins us on this show to talk about making the State of New Jersey pay for lawsuits and some of the victories that have happened there.


We also talk about red flag laws in Colorado and the recent rally in Virginia

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This week Kevin Sona of Florida Carry is interviewed about the event Education, Not Intimidation happening February 8th.


Paul and the crew also talk about the events happening in Virginia and a lawsuit victory by the NRA on 1st Amendment grounds.

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Andrew Gottlieb of SAF and 2A Gaming is interviewed about the crossover between gaming and 2nd Amendment rights.


We also talk about last week's church shooting in Texas

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