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News from California, and Colorado. Some national news and an interview with The Un-named Trucker of the Roadgunner Podcast!

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South Carolina and Iowa news and well as a update on Fast and Furious and Janet Napolitano shenanigans. Also the Sanford, Florida shooting is discussed

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Tons of news and how your 1st Amendment rights can be "terminated" by the Chicago PD.

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A lot of state and national news, plus updates on Fast and Furious and a rant about Obama using us as his personal travel agency.

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Various state news and Hr822 comes to the Senate!

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News, news and more news!

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Several news stories and FREE COFFEE!!!

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Maryland, Colorado, and Virginia news, and an E-mail from Jeff in Dallas!

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Mayor Bloomberg is ticked, Drung gangs are trying to take over central america, I destroyed my website, and another question I wanted to ask you about.

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Another listener email, and news about fast and firious, sate news from South Dakota, Virginia, Oklahoma and Iowa.

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