SAF's Polite Society Podcast

Aun interveiw with Phil Mulivor author of Proclaiming Liberty: What Patriots and Heroes Really Said about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Also a ton of news and a Fast and Furious update 

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A good deal of national news and I want your opinion on something.

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Some national news stories, Nancy Pelosi wants to gut the first amendment, and an interview with Sebastian of the PA Gun blog.

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News from Alaska, Arizona, Ohio, and California, as well as a special announcement!

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Arizona and Ohio news plus a look at the cost benefit of firearms.

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News from Arizona, Ohio, and Illinois, as well as CCRKBA fries one across Mayor Bloomberg's bow and a poll shows that we are winning.

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On tonight's podcast we have stories from Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and some national news.

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A TON of state news, a little national news, and I get a little personal.

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Updates on the Sanford Florida shooting, The California campus shooting, Operation Fast and Furious, and a listener e-mail.

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State news from Louisiana and California, some national news, a listener e-mail, amd tactical kilts!

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News from Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, and New York. A follow up on Jared from Florida's letter to his senators. And I talk some more about libertarianisim.

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State news from Tennessee, North Carolina, New Jersey, Iowa, and Georgia. Also Obama and Fast and Furious news.

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