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My thoughts on Memorial Day, news from North Carolina and Pennsylvania, an interview with Wade from South Dakota, and and interview with the Un-Named Trucker!

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News from Wisconsin, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, and South Dakota. And some news about the show.

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Question. What do you get when you combine confusion coming from a dispatch office as well as information not coming out in a timely manner with a city with notoriously bad traffic and a moronic president who thought that this would be a good place to have a NATO summit?

Answer. Apodcaster that is steaming mad and not able to put a podcast out tonight. Look for it Saturday evening.

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A news story out of Michigan and some listerner feedback.

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News from California, Ohio, Oklahoma and a bunch of national news.

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Fast and Furious news and a disturbing story out of Wyoming

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Tonight's episode features an interview with Sebastian of the PA Gun blog.

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News from California, New Hampshire, Michigan, Mississippi, and a few national news stories.

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News from New Hamphsire, and Louisiana, as well as some national news and an armed citizens story.

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New York news, plus news about Ted Nugent, a Utah concealed permit holder does the right thing, and Good news from Ohio.

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