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On this weeks show Jon Hodoway joins in on a political discussion, and we talk to Nik Clark from Wisconsin Carry.

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This is a Half-Cast that my son Robert Lathrop and I did getting our thoughts out on the Empires Sate Building shooting today, and an interview with Nik Clark of Wisconsin Carry.

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No news segment this week. Instead there is an interview with Gary Slider with The Unnamed Trucker and I interviewed him and the conversation spans everything about traveling with your gun.

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Mitt Romney has selected a VP pick and it is Paul Ryan. Eliot Spitzer is in WAY over his head, A listener email, and interviews with Frank Fiamingo, and Gene Hoffman.

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It is the 6 month aniversary of the show! I discuss how the first six months has affected me. Roy Kubicek of the Days of our Trailers blog is here for an interview, and a listener e-mail from Lance in Kansas.

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