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In this episode Toby, Brian and Paul talk to Trevor furlotte of Canadian Reload Radio.

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Frank Fiamingo is interviewed, Toby and Paul have a great time in the Guns and Gear Segment, and Brian Holcomb offers some thoughts on the UN.

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A women's roundtable with Gila Hayes, Kathy Jackson, and Linda Farmer.

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In this Episode Raquel and Anthony Mele talk about the president's tall tales involving the Lybia terrorisim incident on Sept 11th. Paul Talks about the President ging afer guns and gun rightes. And Ken Kowalski joins Tobay and Paul in the Guns and Gear segment.

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Kathy Jackson of The Cornered Cat, and Doug Ritter of Knife Rights are interviewed.

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On this episode Raquel talks about the fourth amendment, and how guns laws do not make us safer. Toby and Paul review a Masterpeice Arms 9mm. Raquel Talks with Anthony Mele, who makes a return visit to the show. And Paul interviews Jeff Knox of the Firearms Coalition and Sandra Barreras of the Ladies of the Second Amendment.

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In this episode Raquel discusses the presidential debate from this previous Wednesday evening, we have audio featuring Larry Pratt, Mark O'Mara, and Mark Vanderberg. And Paul discusses some feedback he got from his show closing rant about voting Libertarian on Wednesdays show.

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The debut of Mick Swagger's segment on the show and LOTS of content from GRPC 2012 in Orlando.

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In this episode Paul Lathrop Mark Vanderberg, Shane Thurston, and Eric Royce met after the closing of the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2012 and talked about the weekend in the grand tradition of the Bar Stool Discussion.

Warning in the making of this episode several adult beverages were harmed, and much humor was given out. This is not your every day Politics and Guns show. Grab a cold one of your own, kick back and enjoy!

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