SAF's Polite Society Podcast

The whole staff takes a look back at 2012 and forward into 2013.

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Joe Chetwood of Crusader Weaponry and Mark Vanderberg are guests.

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Toby and Paul talk with Parker from K-Var, distributor of the Saiga Shotgun, and then Bryan Bolivar of Canadian Service Conditions Radio and George Hatch of New Shooter Canada join in for a podcasters roundtable.

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Toby, Raquel, Brian, and Paul talk about the events in Ct on 12/14

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Toby and Paul talk about the Federal court win in Illinois, Brian has his embasile of the week and talks about taking new people shooting. Also an interview with Frank Fiamingo about The Bob Costas bloviation.

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In this episode Toby and Paul Recordin the same room! They talk about some shooting that they did. Toby and Sisa talk about her CCW class.

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M & M Pens and Things joins the show as a sponsor, Brian and Mick talk holsters, and Paul and Toby talk about Sisa's CCW class and Toby's new Dillon 650.

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