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The Unnamed Trucker of the Roadgunner Podcast joins Matthew McLatchey and Trevor Furlotte of Canadian Reload Radio, Toby and Paul to kick around about a whole lot of gun stuff.

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On this episode we welcome NJ2AS as a sponsor of the show, we discuss why universal background checks are a bad idea, and we have even more shot show content.

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Dianne Feinstein dropped a big one on the Senate floor, and we have interviews with FNH, CMMG, and ABN Army Surplus.

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Brian takes over co-hosting duties as Toby is still a bit under the weather. Interviews with Rock Island Armory, Top Shot Season 4 contestants, and Molon Labe industries

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Alan Gottlieb with SAF Niel W Mccabe of Human Events, Destinee of Fate of Destinee, Huntington Die Specialties, Grant Cunningham, and Jamison Brass

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This episode we have interviews with 3 different coordinators of the rallys in the states coming up. Also an interview with Jason White of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Finally all 5 of us get together for a talk about our first experiences at Shot Show.

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Eric Reed is interviewed about the January 19th rallys across America and some audio from day 1 of Shot Show

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Mary of M&M Pens and Things stops by for a visit, Raquel's On Target segment is back, and Ken Kowalski stops by for a chat about the most influential American guns.

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On this episode Paul left his computer in South Dakota so Toby attempts to edit a podcast with only a six pack of domestic brew for support.  It's a brief chat before we get ready to head out to Vegas for Shot Show this weekend.

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News from Congress on gun bans, and gun bans working through legislatures in Illinois, New Jersey and New York. Bob Mayne and Glen Tate are guests.

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In this episode Toby and and Paul talk about an attempt in Illinois to quickly pass a gun ban, and Paul interviews Frank Fiamingo of NJ2AS about the CT shooting and other topics.

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