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Frank Fiamingo talks about 5 calls for freedom, Raquel's On Tget segment and Brains Imbecile of the Week. Paul and toby talk about a wide variety of things.

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In this episode Kathy Jackson joins Toby and Paul to talk training.

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In this episode we talk with Rob Morse of the Slow Facts Blog and Charles Heller of JPFO.

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Toby had a last minute scheduling conflict and so George Hatch of New Shooter Canada steps in and does the co-hosting duties. Todays show has Brian's Imbecile of the Wekk, and an interview with Eric Lund of FNH USA. We also have audio from the NJ2AS rally last week in New Jersey thanks to the great people at JPFO.

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Frank Fiamingo from NJ2AS joins us for chat and Brian and Toby talk with Jim Fleming of Reloading Radio fame.  Oh, and Toby might have mentioned Canada, just sayin'.

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Paul is busy keeping the economy rolling and interview with Carl Gottstein and more Shot Show coverage.

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Glen Tate stops by to help co-host the show and the tpics range from his series of books to current political concerns to the tragic murder of Chris Kyle.

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