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This episode features Laura Carno and Guy Smith as well as another of Kathy Jackson's quick tips.

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This episode gets us back to the guns and backs off on the politics some.  Brian and Joe from Crusader talk guns, Brian awards his imbecile of the week, and we finish up with Crusader Weaponry's policy on doing business with agencies of states that don't repect your rights. 

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George Hatch and Charlie Foxtrot join us for a talk about Cowboy Action Shooting. Kathy Jackson's Quick Tips segment is here again and Paul has a rant.

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Joe Chetwood of Crusader Weaponry co-hosts this episode with Brian.  This episode has it all:  great music and an interview courtesy of Madison Rising, some awesome speeches from last week's Gunstock rally in Utah, an Imbecile of the Week, and commentary from Joe and Brian.

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On this show Toby and Sisa talk about some Nebraska and Some national news and a lost Shot Show interview!

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Ken Kowalski of The Rimfire Podcast joins Toby and Paul as a Co-Host this week and Rob Morse of the Slow Facts blog is interviewed.

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Paul and Toby interview Ben Branam of the Modern Self Protection Podcast and frequest guse on Bob Mayne's Handgun World Podcast and Paul and Brian stayed up way too late recording the rest of the episode.

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Glen Tate returns to co-host with Toby and Paul, topics range from how to start prepping and three gun batteries to states "opting out" of federal rules. Kathy Jackson also joins us for a new weekly segment, and we have a new hero of the week and imbecile of the week.

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Paul brings audio from the South Dakota Rally and Concealment Solutions joins the list of great sponsors.  Paul as David Hasselhoff?  So climb aboard, strap on?...Uh, Brian?????

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We welcome back to the show Keith Gibson from History Channel's "Top Shot" Season 4; he and Brian discuss the New York SAFE act and how it is being fought.  Talks from a recent 2nd amendment rally in Pierre, South Dakota include Nathan Gjovic and Representative Lance Russell.  Paul and Brian also do an off the cuff news segment.

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Paul and Brian have a chat with George "Mad Ogre" Hill of Crusader Weaponry's training division and award a special Hero of the Week.  Brian interviews CEO David Burnell of OPSGEAR, names the 2013 Imbecile of the Year (even though it's only March), and embarrasses himself in the outtakes.

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