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Toby returns to cohosting duties. Kathy Jackson's Quick Tips return, and Daniel Shaw and Frank Fiamingo are interviewed.

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Brian and Paul join forces to host the show and award Hero of the Week.  You'll hear Brian's Imbecile of the Week, Raquel and Anthony Mele discuss terrorism and the bombing of the Boston Marathon and we close out with the first Roundtable Bull Session featuring Brian, Wes Dahl of Crusader Weaponry, Bryan Bolivar of Canadian Service Conditions Radio, Frank Melloni, and author Michael Z. Williamson.

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Joe Chetwood of Crusader Weaponry is interviewed and Raquel's on target looks at the New York Safe act. Paul goes on a bit of a rant about the recent bombing in Boston.

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Richard Feldman talks gun control as well as politics and Paul and Brian talk about a recent meeting to shoot and the happenings in the Senate this week.

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Paul explains why the show was delayed a day and Raquel's On Target segment returns.

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Due to events over the past few days Paul goes on a bit of a rant about the NRA. Rob Morse is interviewed topics include what can really be done to prevent gun violence.

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Glen Tate talks book 5 of the 299 Days series, Brian has 3 imbeciles to discuss, and Frank Fiamingo stops by.

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Defenseless  Adj.  ~  Lacking protection from danger or resistance from attack.          

Toby and Melisa talk about possible danger in the work place.  Toby finds a lost SHOT Show interview with American Tactical Imports.  And don't forget the outtakes.  Sometimes love hurts.

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