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Paul Solo hosts today and has news from California, and Mass. Brian And Sticks talk competition shooting with Trevor Furlotte of Slam Fire Radio, and Sticks has a gun review.

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This episode opens with a part of last years Memorial Day show, Mark Vanderberg returns for another segment. Brian and Joe Chetwood have the first "Ask the Gondoctor segment, And Sticks interviews Jan Morgan.

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On this Episode Mark Vanderberg chats with Toby and Paul about the recently completed NRA show among other things, and Laura Carno returns to talk about a recall effort in Colorado and a lawsuit brought by several sherrifs against the new gun laws. Brian has an Imbecile of the Week, and Ken Kowalski of the Rimfore Podcast guest hosts.

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In this episode Toby (or Mickey Mouse we aren't positive) and Sticks have a long conversation that ranges from guns to why kids are overweight. Paul and Toby talk a little more about the proposed armed march into DC, and Paul once again rants about drivers.

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Brian and Sticks have regular segments As usual Paul and Toby Ramble.

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Rob Morse and Frank Fiamingo are guests. Paul got a little intoxicated in the recording of parts of the show. Thankfully he has a good team to lean on.

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Kathy Jackson returns with another quick tip. Glen Tate is interviewed, and as the title suggests the conversation went a little bit of everywhere.

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Brian and Paul bring you the miraculous story of how Brian survived liver failure and is with us today.  This episode was recorded in honor of April as National Donate Life month and out of remembrance of the thousands of families every year who in a time of great personal pain make a charitable decision that spares multiple families from experiencing the same loss.

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