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On this show, Sticks and Ken Kowalski talk about the venerable 10-22, Kathy Jackson's Crnered Cat segment talks about when you should call 911, and Paul has a rant about an Arizona Trucking law and what happened at a recent accident scene.

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Brian and Sticks discuss Stick's first 1911 that he picked up this week (It's older than Brian by about a decade).  Sticks interviews the incredible Annie from Texas in an addition to his "Women and Guns" series, while Brian and Ken Kowalski do a tag team "Imbecile of the Week" from a couple weeks ago.  Also, Brian makes excuses about his performance in a mini-match.

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Daniel Shaw is interviewed and Brian and Joe Chetwood have another Ask the GunDoc segment.

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The Cornered Cat Quick tip is about how much the man should do for his wife/girlfriend, and Glen Take talks book 6 of the 299 Days series as well as some current politics.

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Sticks and Brian take the reigns.  Brian and Joe Chetwood are back with another episode of "Ask the Gundoctor" where they anser two listener emails.  Sticks interviews the talented Taleia Mueller, and Brian finishes up with Marko Kloos, where the conversation ranges from possible future weapons like caseless flechette rifles, New Hampshire gun and knife laws, military bureaucracy, and Marko's excellent Military Sci Fi novel, "Terms of Enlistment".

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Rob Morse, Laura Carno and Daniel Shaw join Paul in the first round table discussion.

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The Un-Named Trucker of the Roadgunner podcast returns, and Ther is another Cornered Cat Quick Tip.

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Toby and Paul talk about the wedding and drunken debauchery. Sticks interviews Destinee of the Fate of Destinee video blog. Paul interviews Nikki Goeser. And Paul talks about some upcoming changes to the show.

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The title pretty much says it all.  Brian, Sticks, and *special* guest Bryan Bolivar take the wheel while Paul and Toby are celebrating Paul's wedding in a unique manner.  We let Bryan get back at Paul and Toby for mocking him for the last few weeks, there's an "Ask the Gundoctor", Brian has an imbecile segment and the show wraps up with Toby interviewing Ken Kowalski.

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