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On this episode Daryl Jamison of stops by to talk about helping with the fight to retain our rights and Frank Fiamingo of NJ2AS talks about happenings in New Jersey.

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On this episode Paul and Toby join together with Ken Kowalski, Trevor Furlotte and Bryan Bolivar to talk with Joe Chetwood CEO of the new Crusader Podcasts Network, to talk about the new network. Also Brian Holcomb has a new imbecile of the week, and a new segment debuts, the survival corner.

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Paul and Toby talk Police militarization, and Rob Morse and Laura Carno join Paul on a wide ranging political round table.

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Brian does another episode solo, with a new episode numbering system as requested by a number of listeners.  Brian recorded a roundtable with the recently formed competition team from Crusader Weaponry.

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Kathy Jackson shares some more wisdom. Sticks, Paul and Toby recount recent range events sort of.

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Sticks and Toby talk about a little bit of everything.

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Robert Gelinas, President of the Americn Rifle and Pistol Association talks with Paul about the group, what it's goals are and how it may have been misrepresented in the pro-gun media.

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The second part of the interview with Scout from the Appleseed Project.

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In this episode Scout from the Appleseed Project talks with Sticks about some history that inspired the folks at Appleseed. The interview was quite lengthy and so it is broken up into 2 parts, this is part 1.

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In today's show Anthony Mele stops by to talk about Benghazi and Sgt Bergdahl.

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In this episode Ryan Cross stops by to talk guns and graphic design.

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On this episode we have news from throughout the country and The Cornered Cat Quick Tip #12

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Brian does a special dedication to commemorate Independence Day and Sticks has an great interview with the woman known as Lima.

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