SAF's Polite Society Podcast

Rob and Sticks handle the duties today as Paul's internet connetion went FUBAR. Laura Carno is interviewed.

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Frank Fiamingo is interviewed and joins in to co-host. Shelley Sargent of GunUp the Magazine talks about the black rifle edition and there is another Ask the Gun Doc segment

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Paul and Sticks interview the Unnamed Trucker and Jamie Lee, also an email segment.

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News from New York, Washington and Texas as well as a discussion on what NOT to do at a shooting range and in a Utah park.

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On this episode topics include a couple of different defensive gun uses, Shiela Jackson Lee, and new California gun laws.

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Brian Aitken is interviewed, we have another ask the Gundoc question, and various other topics are discussed.

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Many different topics are covered this episode.

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Frank Fiamingo is interviewed and the Gun Rights Policy Conference and the Government shutdown are discussed.

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