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Toby is back, Zeke and Lefthand from the Talking Lead Podcast are interviewed, and the whole episode is full of squirrels!

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Kenn Blanchard is interviewed and we discuss holidays and gun related issues. 

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We were joined on today’s show by firearms trainer and podcaster Kenn Blanchard while we talked with firearms trainer Rick Ector from Detroit.

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Bob Mayne of the Handgun World Show stops by and we have TONS of listener feedback.

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Glen Tate and Dan Ingram are guests and there is a huge news segment and lots of email.

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Rob and Paul talk news and defensive gun use, and R.P Ruggiero is interviewed about his series Brushfire Plague

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GRAA founder Eric Reed and Gunfightercast's Daniel Shaw are interviewed and once again the show REALLY gets thrown off track.

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Ben Branham is interviewed, and the show goes off the rails SEVERAL times.

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Shelley Sargent of GunUp the magazine and Frank Fiamingo of NJ2AS are interviewed.

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