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The guys from Action Shooting Radio join us, we have a new rant and LOTS of news.

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George Hill and Shooter Ready Radio

George Hill, Ken Kowalski, join in as cohosts and Chris Wiggins and Brad Emerson of Shooter Ready Radio are interviewed.

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Matthew McLatchey, Peter Dawson, Frank Fiamingo and Glen Tate are interviewed.


Once again Apple users please tell us if you are having an issue. We have switched to an Apple product to do our final encoding.

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Miguel GonGalez, Joe Chetwood and Shelly Sorensen are guests.

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Many listeners who use Apple products have been experiencing issues with accuracy in episode times. This should be corrected now. please tell us if it isn't.

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News, Catching up with the hosts & an Interview.

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Rick Ector is interviewed about recent events in Detroit, and there is listener feedback and news galore.

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Interview with John McGregor from Gunfighter Cast, News, DGUs and a very interesting commentary on an e-mail we received. 

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