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Rob has a rant plus much more news and DGU's. Leave the show a voicemail at 605-215-1438

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LIVE! From ABN in Sioux Falls. Drop by and see us record live every Saturday Evening at 6:30 central time! Frank Fiamingo is interviewed and we have a ton of news and DGUs. Memorial day is discussed. Call in your feedback to the show at 605-215-1438

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Anthony Colandro and Kathy Perkins are interviewed. we have our normal news and DGU's plus a rant from Rachel. Please give us feedback by writing or call 605-215-1438

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News, DGUs & a rant from Rob

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Anthony Colandro and the normal News and DGU's. Please send feedback to or call 605-215-1438.

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Jeff Hulsey s interviewed, Please email or call 605-215-1438 to leave your feedback!

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Jim irvine is interviewed. We need your input! please Email or call 605-215-1438!

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John and Michael from the Bold Departure Podcast stop by to co-host and Ben Branam is our guest for the entire show!

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