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Joe Chetwood of Crusader Weaponry stops by to answer several GunDoc questions

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New show sponsor Gray Daurghty sits in, and David Cole is interviewed.

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Matt from Sioux City drops by to deliver a rant. Shelly Sorensen of 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control - South Dakota stops by to be interviewed. Join us LIVE every Saturday evening at ABN Army Surplus in Sioux Falls.

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Andrew Rothman of Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance is interviewed, and Rachel talks about her time at the Texas state Republican convention. Also lots of news and E-mails.

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News, A Gun Quote, DGUs and a couple of visitors stop by to see us!

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News, DGUs and Paul and Gary go at it while Rob and John listen ...... and laugh.

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Vinnie Brown talks about veterans issues and we have our usual news and DGU's.

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