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Rob, John, and Gary have a round table discussion with Miguel Gonzalez and the Willett Brothers.

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Tons of news and DGU's. We talk about the 3 LEOs that lost their lices this past weekend.

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Stephen Halbrook and Regis Giles are interviewed as well as our usual news and DGU's

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Lots of news and DGU's this time. Please leave us feedback by calling 605-215-1438 or sending an email to

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Last episode we had 4 segments of news, this time we have 2 segemnts of DGU's.... and no email... Please email us your thoughts, ruminations, Christmas wish list, ANYTHING! We love getting feedback! Send it to or call 605-215-1438.

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We have 4 segments of news plus DGU's and a few emails to discuss. please keep sending feedback to



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We have audio from testimony of our own Rob Morse and others before the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, plus our normal news and DGU's. 

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Derrick with Prepper Press is interviewed as well as our usual news and DGU's. We really want your feedback so email us at

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Doris Montrose of is interviewed as well as our normal news and DGU's.


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