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On this episode...

Brian Hill of the Complete Combatant talks about a new class teaching self defense without firing a shot.

Marty Hayes of the Firearms Academy of Seattle talks about the Polite Society Podcast Active Shooter Interdiction course being offered next summer and the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

Marcus Weldon is 3 years past his self defense situation and is still having problems after being totally acquitted of all charges

All that plus our usual news and DGU's 


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This week Dr. John Edeen talks about a new program being set up by DRGO to match pro 2nd Amendment doctors with patients.

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This week our guests are..

Amanda Suffecool of Eye on the Target Radio talks about coordinating a concealed carry fashion show.


And Paul Martin is interviewed about disaster survival and prepping.

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This is a re-airing of a previously recorded interview. 


Kathy Jackson (owner of the Cornered Cat) talks with Paul and Toby about some commonly held beliefs in the firearms community that just aren't true.


We will be back with a regular show next week!

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