SAF's Polite Society Podcast

Charlie Cook is interviewed about one of the newest shows on SDRN, Riding Shotgun with Charlie.


Genie Jennings is interviewed about labels in society and in the gun world.

That plus a DOUBLE dose of Defensive gun uses!

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In this episode, Greg Hopkins is interviewed about why legal training is at least as important as training in the use of your gun.


Yehuda Remer talks about returning from the NRA show and some of the things he is up to.


As always we REALLY need feedback! Please email and let us know what you are thinking!

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Marty and Paul talk about new shooters and what they and those who help then should consider.

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This week we are changing formats because of the turn around time it takes from the time we record the show until it is edited and released. We are no longer going to be doing a news segment


Interview segments 1 and 2 are Steve Denney talking about firearms retention.


Interview segment 3 is Grant Gallagher talking about National Train a Teacher Day


Interview Segment 4 is with Karen McDonald of Racheal's Rest talk about healing and victims of child abuse.


We also have our DGU segment and... RECIPES!  

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