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On this episode, we talk with James Kaleda about his new podcast Out of Order with James Kalida. We also talk with Marc MacYoung and Jenna Meek about their new book "What You Don't Know Can Kill You"


That plus our usual News and DGU segments.


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John Correia of the Active Self Protection YouTube feeds is interviewed about real-world defensive gun use, his YouTube channels, and his using his experience to help train shooters.


Lloyd Bailey not only is interviewed about his show Armed Lutheran Radio he steps in to help co-host the whole episode!


All this plus our usual news, DGUs and we got EMAIL!


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On this episode, Dr. Bill Chachkes joins us to talk about his show Firearms Chat.

We also talk about a plea deal for the mass murderer who shot up a Florida airport.

Unfortunately, because of time constraints, we don't have a defensive gun use segment.


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On this episode we talk about the Sante Fe, Texas High School shooting and we interview Matthew Disher of the American Guns Podcast

We have a GREAT discussion about the 2nd Amendment, the Supreme Court, and where our rights are headed.

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