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Belle, Sue and Paul are training this week, so Jenna Meek joins in to help co-host

Willes Lee and Sean Maloney are the interviews.

As always please keep emails coming to we will read them on the show when Paul is back for episode 457

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On this week's show, Rachel Malone is back! In the interview segment, she talks about her job with the Republican Party of Texas and how it came about, how it ended, and what is next!

We also have our usual news and DGU stories as well as listener feedback!

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In this episode, Amanda Suffecool of Eye on the Target Radio and Cheryl Todd of Gun Freedom Radio are interviewed about the upcoming Amm-Con 2nd Amendment Media Workshop in Chicago.


We also have our regular news, DGU, and listener feedback segments.


We are ALWAYS looking for listener feedback. Please email us at or call 605-215-1438! The voicemails are coming back in a future episode!

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