SAF's Polite Society Podcast

On this episode, we again have 3 guests. 


First up is Rick Ector who trained almost 2000 women in one weekend!

Next is Dwayne McBryde from U.S. Law Shield

Then we have Ron Hammond From OpsLens.

In the news segment, we talk a lot more about the situation with the NRA and we have a discussion about dogs as part of your home security plan in the DGU segment.

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On today's show, Joseph Greenlee of the Firearms Policy Coalition discusses the recent win in California striking down the California Magazine ban

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Tonight we have 3 guests on the show!

First is Mike Kucharski, owner of JKC TRucking. Mike talks about the challenges facing the trucking industry when a city disbands the police.

Second is Rob Pincus talking about the situation surrounding the NRA and the state of New York.

Third is Cheryl Todd talking all things Amm-Con

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