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On this weeks episode, Massad Ayoob is interviewed about his article on Designated Defenders.


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Ryan Cleckner - Mayday Safety, News and DGUs


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Doug Giles and John Bennett

News and DGUs

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Church Security Roundtable with Carl Chinn, Ben Branam and Ed Jackson


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On this episode the hosts have a training round-table focusing on women and training.

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Dr. Robert Young is interviewed about 

Derek LeBlanc is interviewed about Operation Child Safe

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Steve Bozich of Armed and Safe is interviewed about 80% lower classes.

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James Yeager is interviewed about making pro-rights documentary movies and Matt Martin talks about the Las Vegas shooting and possible explanations for what sounds like 2 guns firing at 2 different rates of fire.

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No interviews this week, but LOTS of news and DGU's. Including good news out of Louisiana and a boyfriend/felon getting shot with what might have been his own gun.


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Kat Ainsworth is interviewed about hunting, training, inclusiveness and a lot of other topics! 

Kat writes for The Truth About Guns and USCCA and a lot of other outlets and the interview goes far and wide!


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This week Brandon Combs of the Firearms Policy Coalition is interviewed about the website and it's relationship not just to the 2nd Amendment, but the 1st Amendment as well.


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In this weeks episode Rob and Paul discuss training that they took in Ohio and Washington

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Most of the cast is off training or out with an illness. However Rob, Tracy, and Rachel are here and talk about the news and DGUs for the week.

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Belle, Sue and Paul are training this week, so Jenna Meek joins in to help co-host

Willes Lee and Sean Maloney are the interviews.

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On this week's show, Rachel Malone is back! In the interview segment, she talks about her job with the Republican Party of Texas and how it came about, how it ended, and what is next!

We also have our usual news and DGU stories as well as listener feedback!

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In this episode, Amanda Suffecool of Eye on the Target Radio and Cheryl Todd of Gun Freedom Radio are interviewed about the upcoming Amm-Con 2nd Amendment Media Workshop in Chicago.


We also have our regular news, DGU, and listener feedback segments.


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On this episode, we talk with James Kaleda about his new podcast Out of Order with James Kalida. We also talk with Marc MacYoung and Jenna Meek about their new book "What You Don't Know Can Kill You"


That plus our usual News and DGU segments.


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John Correia of the Active Self Protection YouTube feeds is interviewed about real-world defensive gun use, his YouTube channels, and his using his experience to help train shooters.


Lloyd Bailey not only is interviewed about his show Armed Lutheran Radio he steps in to help co-host the whole episode!


All this plus our usual news, DGUs and we got EMAIL!


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On this episode, Dr. Bill Chachkes joins us to talk about his show Firearms Chat.

We also talk about a plea deal for the mass murderer who shot up a Florida airport.

Unfortunately, because of time constraints, we don't have a defensive gun use segment.


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On this episode we talk about the Sante Fe, Texas High School shooting and we interview Matthew Disher of the American Guns Podcast

We have a GREAT discussion about the 2nd Amendment, the Supreme Court, and where our rights are headed.

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Charlie Cook is interviewed about one of the newest shows on SDRN, Riding Shotgun with Charlie.


Genie Jennings is interviewed about labels in society and in the gun world.

That plus a DOUBLE dose of Defensive gun uses!

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In this episode, Greg Hopkins is interviewed about why legal training is at least as important as training in the use of your gun.


Yehuda Remer talks about returning from the NRA show and some of the things he is up to.


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Marty and Paul talk about new shooters and what they and those who help then should consider.

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This week we are changing formats because of the turn around time it takes from the time we record the show until it is edited and released. We are no longer going to be doing a news segment


Interview segments 1 and 2 are Steve Denney talking about firearms retention.


Interview segment 3 is Grant Gallagher talking about National Train a Teacher Day


Interview Segment 4 is with Karen McDonald of Racheal's Rest talk about healing and victims of child abuse.


We also have our DGU segment and... RECIPES!  

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On this episode, we talk with Willes Lee about recent threats to our freedoms and we have a double dose of news and our regular DGU segment.


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Marty Hayes of the Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network talks about some of the cases that they have helped to handle.

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In this episode, we continue to discuss the Valentines Day shooting at the Florida High School.

Robyn Sandoval is interviewed about going from being anti-gun to working with A Girl and a Gun.

Shelley Hill is interviewed about the 2nd annual Mingle

Lara Smith talks about The Liberal's Gun Club

We also have our usual Defensive Gun Use segment and lots of emails!

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On this episode, Brian Hill of the Complete Combatant is interviewed about the new blog that he has created and about communicating with your significant other in an emergency.  


Dr. John Edeen is interviewed about securing hospitals and other public areas 


Plus we talk about the Florida School Shooting and have a special DGU segment featuring all semi-automatic long guns.

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In this week's show, Clover Lawson of Torrent Supressors is interviewed about supressors and what they do, the legality of owning them, and their status in the political world.

Brandon Combs of the Firearms Policy Coalition is interviewed about a recent California court win that opens the door for internet purchases of ammunition again in the Golden State.

We also have our usual news and DGU segments, and NO RECIPIES! 

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In this episode, Dianna Muller is interviewed about The DC Project, a program that has 50 women, one from each of the states, traveling to Washington DC to help get a pro-freedom message to Congress.

In addition, we have our normal news and DGU segments. 

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We have TONS of information from SHOT Show this week and interviews with Carrie Lightfoot, Julie Golob and Adam Kraut, all of whom are running for the NRA Board of Directors.

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John Daub and Marty Hayes are interviewed this week. 

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Andy Brown is interviewed about his book "Warnings Unheeded: Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base"

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The crew is back after taking a few weeks off for the holidays. No interviews this week.


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In this episode Marty and Paul talk about "Court Proofing"

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Paul Valone of Grass Roots North Carolina talks about HR-38 and Fix NICS.

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Episode 433 - Yehuda Remer

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Episode 432 - William Aprill, Shelley Hill and Marty Hayes

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Willes Lee is interviewed about all kinds of things! This is a must listen!

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Interviewees talk about all black gun clubs and the possible separate gun culture

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Marty Hayes talks with the staff about what happens after the gun goes bang.



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Episode 429

Interview with Tony Simon and a roundtable on Church security with Greg Hopkins, Ben Branam and Laura Carno

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Dr John Edeen of DRGO is interviewed and our usual news and DGUs.

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This episode we talk with Tiffany Johnson about ethnic diversity in gun ownership, are there 2 groups of gun owners who don't associate?

Also we have our regular DGU segment

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Sarah Cade joins us to talk about political diversity in gun ownership. Yes, Liberals DO own guns!


Plus our normal news and DGUs.


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Kathy Jackso joins us once again to talk about holster safety. Also Paul goes on a rant about illegal immigration and we have our usual news and Defensive Gun use segments.


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This week The hosts talk about the recently completed Amm-Con and GRPC events in Dallas Texas.


There are many short and some long interviews this week. Among them are:

Ben Branam

Charlie Cook

Tiffany Johnson

Bob Mayne

Tom Gresham

And many more!

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On this episode...

Brian Hill of the Complete Combatant talks about a new class teaching self defense without firing a shot.

Marty Hayes of the Firearms Academy of Seattle talks about the Polite Society Podcast Active Shooter Interdiction course being offered next summer and the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

Marcus Weldon is 3 years past his self defense situation and is still having problems after being totally acquitted of all charges

All that plus our usual news and DGU's 


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This week Dr. John Edeen talks about a new program being set up by DRGO to match pro 2nd Amendment doctors with patients.

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This week our guests are..

Amanda Suffecool of Eye on the Target Radio talks about coordinating a concealed carry fashion show.


And Paul Martin is interviewed about disaster survival and prepping.

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This is a re-airing of a previously recorded interview. 


Kathy Jackson (owner of the Cornered Cat) talks with Paul and Toby about some commonly held beliefs in the firearms community that just aren't true.


We will be back with a regular show next week!

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This episode Karl Rehn talks about historic firearms training and gettimg more people to come to training.

Gail Pepin joins Paul to talk about the Mantis X Training System

And Tim Crosnoe is interviewed about the recently completed MAG 40 in South Dakota.

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All that and our usual news and DGU segments.

Expect shows to come out on Mondays going forward and expect some "re-releases" of some previously aired interviews so that with Paul's crazy trucking schedule we can keep releasing on Mondays for more regular release schedule.

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Our regular personal news, gun news and DGU segments plus 3 interview segments with Massad Ayoob and Gail Pepin live from the MAG 40 in South Dakota!

Topics were wide ranging from what to do when you are stopped by the police while carrying to different states regulations.


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We are finally back!


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This week we are honored to be asked to simulcast with Rob and Amanda of Eye on the Target Radio! 


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We apologize for the poor audio quality this week. It will be corrected with the show that releases after Jan 2nd

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We examine the fallout from the election plus out usual news and DGU's and A GUN REVIEW?!?!


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On this weeks show, a disturbing news story out of Houston where a 911 operator doesn't feel much like helping people, so she hangs up on them. 

R.P. Ruggero is interviewed about the 3rd book in his trilogy "Brushfire Plague"

We have the guys from Geeks Gadgets and Guns stop by to tell us what exactly happened with the Galaxy Note 7.

And we have our usual DGU segment


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Charlie Cook steps in to help co-host and GRPC is discussed at length. We also have an interview with George Zimmerman recorded at GRPC.


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Erin Palette is interviewed about Operation Blazing Sword.

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Marty Hayes of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network joins us to talk about the network and it's benefits to members.

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After the charges are finally dropped Paul is able to tell his story.


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This week we have a report from the Cornered Cat instructor development class and Bob Mayne stops by to talk about training that he just completed and the new Self Defense Radio Network.

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Rachel, Susan, and Paul are out taking training this week and so Cheryl and Dan Todd jump in to help co-host.

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Weerd Beard joins in to help us out this week. 


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We talk to Laura Carno about her book, news and dgu's.


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