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Chris Petersen is interviewed about PTR moving from Connecticut to South Carolina. Please send feedback to or call 605-215-1438

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Andrew Rothman and Brandon Combs are interviewed. Please leave feedback for the show by calling 605-215-1438 or by sending an email to

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Charlie Foxtrot of the Not One More Gun Law blog joins us. Please send feedback to 605-215-1438 or email

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Brandon Combs is interviewed. Please leave us feedback by calling 605-215-1438 or emailing

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The Ferguson Missouri situation is discussed in detail. Kyle Bacon of the Search and Assess Podcast joins for the full show. Please leave feedback for the show at 605-215-1438 or email

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Dr. John Lott is interviewed. Please leave feedback for the show. Call 605-215-1438 and leave a voicemail or email

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Ken Kowalski and Fil Thy are interviewed about Military Surplus Rifles. Please leave feedback for us by emailing or by calling 605-215-1438 and leaving a voice message.

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Jeff Knox is interviewed and Shelly Sorensen stops by to talk about GP2AS. Please send an email to to leave us some feedback.

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Our news and DGU's, Ray Nagan draws a 10 year sentance as well as a lot more news. Email to send us feedback, or call 605-215-1438.

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Rob and John handle the midweek show as they talk with Russell Smith about his proposal for background check changes.

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Frank Fiamingo of NJ2AS is interviewed about Chris Christies veto of the NJ nagazine restriction, and Kathy Jackson has an interview about using firearms (and onther things) for defense.


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Joe Chetwood of Crusader Weaponry stops by to answer several GunDoc questions

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New show sponsor Gray Daurghty sits in, and David Cole is interviewed.

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Matt from Sioux City drops by to deliver a rant. Shelly Sorensen of 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control - South Dakota stops by to be interviewed. Join us LIVE every Saturday evening at ABN Army Surplus in Sioux Falls.

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Andrew Rothman of Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance is interviewed, and Rachel talks about her time at the Texas state Republican convention. Also lots of news and E-mails.

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News, A Gun Quote, DGUs and a couple of visitors stop by to see us!

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News, DGUs and Paul and Gary go at it while Rob and John listen ...... and laugh.

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Vinnie Brown talks about veterans issues and we have our usual news and DGU's.

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Rob has a rant plus much more news and DGU's. Leave the show a voicemail at 605-215-1438

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LIVE! From ABN in Sioux Falls. Drop by and see us record live every Saturday Evening at 6:30 central time! Frank Fiamingo is interviewed and we have a ton of news and DGUs. Memorial day is discussed. Call in your feedback to the show at 605-215-1438

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Anthony Colandro and Kathy Perkins are interviewed. we have our normal news and DGU's plus a rant from Rachel. Please give us feedback by writing or call 605-215-1438

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News, DGUs & a rant from Rob

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Anthony Colandro and the normal News and DGU's. Please send feedback to or call 605-215-1438.

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Jeff Hulsey s interviewed, Please email or call 605-215-1438 to leave your feedback!

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Jim irvine is interviewed. We need your input! please Email or call 605-215-1438!

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John and Michael from the Bold Departure Podcast stop by to co-host and Ben Branam is our guest for the entire show!

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Lots of News and DGU's and Scout with the Appleseed Project makes a return visit.

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We have our usual news and DGU's plus we break a story that John and Paul worked on.

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Frank Fiaming and Kyle Coplin are interviewed. Call 605-215-1438 to leave your comments for the show!

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Call in to leave a voicemail for the show 605-215-1438.

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No guests this episode, but plenty of content! Please call the show at 605-215-1438 or email to get in touch!

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When do you need to inform a law enforcement officer that you are carrying? Is it ever a good idea not to? We answer this and have a little fun with Chaz, The Un-Named Trucker of the Roadgunner Podcast on today's show.

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A new New Jersey 2A group is interviewed and we discuss many things including the Fort Hood shooting.

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Do violent video games hurt our children? Andrew Rothman and Joe Kalil are interviewed.

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The guys from Action Shooting Radio join us, we have a new rant and LOTS of news.

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George Hill and Shooter Ready Radio

George Hill, Ken Kowalski, join in as cohosts and Chris Wiggins and Brad Emerson of Shooter Ready Radio are interviewed.

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Matthew McLatchey, Peter Dawson, Frank Fiamingo and Glen Tate are interviewed.


Once again Apple users please tell us if you are having an issue. We have switched to an Apple product to do our final encoding.

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Miguel GonGalez, Joe Chetwood and Shelly Sorensen are guests.

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Many listeners who use Apple products have been experiencing issues with accuracy in episode times. This should be corrected now. please tell us if it isn't.

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News, Catching up with the hosts & an Interview.

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Rick Ector is interviewed about recent events in Detroit, and there is listener feedback and news galore.

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Interview with John McGregor from Gunfighter Cast, News, DGUs and a very interesting commentary on an e-mail we received. 

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Interview with Frank Fiamingo from NJ2AS, DGUs, News & ....a couple of Squirrels! Co-host John Richardson.

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Interview with Jim Irvine

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The Gun Doc is back answering more questions. Also more news and DGUs.

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Lots of news and DGUs also Joe Kalil and Miguel Gonzales are interviewed.

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The usual news and DGU's plus an interview with the folks at the Colorado group Guns for Everyone.

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Lots of news and the show welsomes one new host and says "see you later" to another.

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Interviews with Jeff Knox and a training tip from Kenn Blanchard

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Ken and Bryan drop by to talk Military Surplus.

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Paul is stuck driving when this one is recorded. So Rachel Malone steps in for co-hosting duties.

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A full length interview with Kathy Jackson. 

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The whole crew is together to talk one more time about Shot Show, and cover a lot of news, and DGU's.

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Our first regular show since returning from SHOT Show. We have interviews with Alan Gottlieb of SAF and Pete Brownell of Brownells. Kathy Jackson's Cornered Cat Quick Tips returns as well as large news and DGU segments.

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This is the 1st of 2 shows dedicated to interviews from SHOT Show.

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Sticks and Paul talk about the happenings of SHOT Show day 4.

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We are getting pretty wore out, but managed to get thos recorded tonight. 

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Lots of news and a few interviews at Shot Show 2014.

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Rob Sticks and Paul talk Shot Show Media Day at the Range. Also the show's name change is discussed.

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As the crew heads off to SHOT Show, we have a show recorded on Friday to share. Valinda Rowe of Illinois Carry and Jeff Knox are guests. Daily shows from Shot Show start Monday evening!

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Mike and John from Bold departure loats of news and 2 voicemails!

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Frank fiamingo of NJ2AS co hosts, a HUGE news segment and several listener emails.

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Ken Kowalski drops by to co-host and The Un-Named Tucker leaves an interesting voicemail for the show.

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Toby is back, Zeke and Lefthand from the Talking Lead Podcast are interviewed, and the whole episode is full of squirrels!

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Kenn Blanchard is interviewed and we discuss holidays and gun related issues. 

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We were joined on today’s show by firearms trainer and podcaster Kenn Blanchard while we talked with firearms trainer Rick Ector from Detroit.

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Bob Mayne of the Handgun World Show stops by and we have TONS of listener feedback.

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Glen Tate and Dan Ingram are guests and there is a huge news segment and lots of email.

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Rob and Paul talk news and defensive gun use, and R.P Ruggiero is interviewed about his series Brushfire Plague

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GRAA founder Eric Reed and Gunfightercast's Daniel Shaw are interviewed and once again the show REALLY gets thrown off track.

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Ben Branham is interviewed, and the show goes off the rails SEVERAL times.

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Shelley Sargent of GunUp the magazine and Frank Fiamingo of NJ2AS are interviewed.

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Mike McAlpine who is the head of the Hudak recall effort joins us to talk about the recall and her recent resignation. After that Trevor Furlotte and Matthew McLatchy of Slam Fire Radio drop by. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Marty Hayes stops by to dicuss the Firearms Acadamy of Seattle and the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

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Rachel Malone is interviewed and there is some news and DGU stories.

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David Nash is interviewed and we have multiple DGU stories again.

Direct download: 182.mp3
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Derrick with Prepper Press is interviewed, plus we have plenty of news and three armed citizen stories!

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No guests, but plenty of news and defensive gun use stories.

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The whole gang got together to discuss Toby's future gun choices, Also Ken and Bryan from Modern Rifleman Radio are interviewed.

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Troy Grice, author of Indivisible: With Justice for Some and Kings Custom Coatings are interviewed.

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A hefty news segment and Joe Nobody is interviewed.

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Sticks interviews Mark with the Prepper Recon Podcast about the 7 Survival Steps.

Direct download: 176.mp3
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Rob and Sticks handle the duties today as Paul's internet connetion went FUBAR. Laura Carno is interviewed.

Direct download: 175.mp3
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Frank Fiamingo is interviewed and joins in to co-host. Shelley Sargent of GunUp the Magazine talks about the black rifle edition and there is another Ask the Gun Doc segment

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Paul and Sticks interview the Unnamed Trucker and Jamie Lee, also an email segment.

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News from New York, Washington and Texas as well as a discussion on what NOT to do at a shooting range and in a Utah park.

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On this episode topics include a couple of different defensive gun uses, Shiela Jackson Lee, and new California gun laws.

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Brian Aitken is interviewed, we have another ask the Gundoc question, and various other topics are discussed.

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Many different topics are covered this episode.

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