SAF's Polite Society Podcast (general)

Brian Aitken is interviewed, we have another ask the Gundoc question, and various other topics are discussed.

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Many different topics are covered this episode.

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Frank Fiamingo is interviewed and the Gun Rights Policy Conference and the Government shutdown are discussed.

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On this episode Toby rearns a Rifleman badge at an Appleseed shoot, and we have listener email.

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On this episode the crew (minus Toby) talks a wide range of topics, and the Ask the GunDoc Segment returns!

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On this episode we welcome Rob Morse as a new member of the cast and talk about various things in the news, and go over some listeners emails.

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On today's show Sticks talks with Owen Frewelling about hunting for survival.

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Ray Mancini is interviewed, Paul and Sticks talk about the Colorado victories and the events surrounding 9/11.

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There is plenty of news and conversation in this one. Stace Nelson is interviewed, he is running for South Dakota's senate seat next year. Eric Reed, president of Gun Rights Across America talks about a new event happening in October. And Paul, Sticks and Toby talk about a great number of happenings.

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Brian interviews Athena Lee, one of the world's best ladies in the world of Practical Pistol Competition.  Topics covered include learning to shoot, immigrating to the US, Filipino firearms laws, Top Shot, Tommy Guns, the challenge of shooting a new gun, and some guns that most of us will only dream about from Limcat Custom.

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On this episode Jesse Rierson of South Dakota Open Carry stops by and Sticks, Toby and Paul have a conversation with Ken Kowalski of the Rimfire Podcast.

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Frank Fiamingo, Laura Carno, and Rob Morse are guests.

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Brian and Paul sit down to catch up, discuss visits to our sponsors and hash out Syria.  Paul has an interview with Larry Keane, senior VP and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, in "Ask the Gundoctor" Brian and Joe Chetwood discuss aftermarket gun finishes, and Brian finally gets to go after Bill Blinton in "Imbecile of the Week".

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Tonight we dug up Brian's lost Imbecile of the Week segment from several weeks ago.  Survivial Corner #4 with Paul and Sticks airs, and we finally finish Brian's interview with Renaissance Firearms Instruction in New York.

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Brian and Sticks welcome our two new show sponsors, Concealment Solutions and Rangemasters of Utah.  Sticks and Annie walk through a complete AR build.


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Sticks and Toby catch up on a few things. Sticks talks about the funeral of a fallen and we have another segment of Women and Guns

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On this episode Shelley Sargent of GunUp the Magazine is interviewed and Sticks, Toby and Paul put together Survival Corner #3.

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Sticks, Toby and Paul talk about a variety of different topics.

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On this episode Sticks continues his Women and Guns series with Michelle and Tamara of American Gun Rights. Paul Toby and Sticks talk about the Westboro Baptist Church and the plans they have to interfere with a funeral for a hero.

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Gary Harpster from ABN Army Surplus joins us to talk about a special event going on for enlisted service members and Paul, Sticks and Toby put together Survival Corner #2.

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Brian and Sticks are back with the regular mid week show.  Sticks has another addition to his "Women and Guns" series with Kristy, and Brian sits down with the instructors from New York based Renaissance Firearms Instruction.

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On this episode Daryl Jamison of stops by to talk about helping with the fight to retain our rights and Frank Fiamingo of NJ2AS talks about happenings in New Jersey.

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On this episode Paul and Toby join together with Ken Kowalski, Trevor Furlotte and Bryan Bolivar to talk with Joe Chetwood CEO of the new Crusader Podcasts Network, to talk about the new network. Also Brian Holcomb has a new imbecile of the week, and a new segment debuts, the survival corner.

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Paul and Toby talk Police militarization, and Rob Morse and Laura Carno join Paul on a wide ranging political round table.

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Brian does another episode solo, with a new episode numbering system as requested by a number of listeners.  Brian recorded a roundtable with the recently formed competition team from Crusader Weaponry.

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Kathy Jackson shares some more wisdom. Sticks, Paul and Toby recount recent range events sort of.

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Robert Gelinas, President of the Americn Rifle and Pistol Association talks with Paul about the group, what it's goals are and how it may have been misrepresented in the pro-gun media.

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The second part of the interview with Scout from the Appleseed Project.

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In this episode Scout from the Appleseed Project talks with Sticks about some history that inspired the folks at Appleseed. The interview was quite lengthy and so it is broken up into 2 parts, this is part 1.

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In today's show Anthony Mele stops by to talk about Benghazi and Sgt Bergdahl.

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In this episode Ryan Cross stops by to talk guns and graphic design.

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On this episode we have news from throughout the country and The Cornered Cat Quick Tip #12

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Brian does a special dedication to commemorate Independence Day and Sticks has an great interview with the woman known as Lima.

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On this show, Sticks and Ken Kowalski talk about the venerable 10-22, Kathy Jackson's Crnered Cat segment talks about when you should call 911, and Paul has a rant about an Arizona Trucking law and what happened at a recent accident scene.

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Brian and Sticks discuss Stick's first 1911 that he picked up this week (It's older than Brian by about a decade).  Sticks interviews the incredible Annie from Texas in an addition to his "Women and Guns" series, while Brian and Ken Kowalski do a tag team "Imbecile of the Week" from a couple weeks ago.  Also, Brian makes excuses about his performance in a mini-match.

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Daniel Shaw is interviewed and Brian and Joe Chetwood have another Ask the GunDoc segment.

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The Cornered Cat Quick tip is about how much the man should do for his wife/girlfriend, and Glen Take talks book 6 of the 299 Days series as well as some current politics.

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Sticks and Brian take the reigns.  Brian and Joe Chetwood are back with another episode of "Ask the Gundoctor" where they anser two listener emails.  Sticks interviews the talented Taleia Mueller, and Brian finishes up with Marko Kloos, where the conversation ranges from possible future weapons like caseless flechette rifles, New Hampshire gun and knife laws, military bureaucracy, and Marko's excellent Military Sci Fi novel, "Terms of Enlistment".

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Rob Morse, Laura Carno and Daniel Shaw join Paul in the first round table discussion.

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The Un-Named Trucker of the Roadgunner podcast returns, and Ther is another Cornered Cat Quick Tip.

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Toby and Paul talk about the wedding and drunken debauchery. Sticks interviews Destinee of the Fate of Destinee video blog. Paul interviews Nikki Goeser. And Paul talks about some upcoming changes to the show.

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The title pretty much says it all.  Brian, Sticks, and *special* guest Bryan Bolivar take the wheel while Paul and Toby are celebrating Paul's wedding in a unique manner.  We let Bryan get back at Paul and Toby for mocking him for the last few weeks, there's an "Ask the Gundoctor", Brian has an imbecile segment and the show wraps up with Toby interviewing Ken Kowalski.

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Paul Solo hosts today and has news from California, and Mass. Brian And Sticks talk competition shooting with Trevor Furlotte of Slam Fire Radio, and Sticks has a gun review.

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This episode opens with a part of last years Memorial Day show, Mark Vanderberg returns for another segment. Brian and Joe Chetwood have the first "Ask the Gondoctor segment, And Sticks interviews Jan Morgan.

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On this Episode Mark Vanderberg chats with Toby and Paul about the recently completed NRA show among other things, and Laura Carno returns to talk about a recall effort in Colorado and a lawsuit brought by several sherrifs against the new gun laws. Brian has an Imbecile of the Week, and Ken Kowalski of the Rimfore Podcast guest hosts.

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In this episode Toby (or Mickey Mouse we aren't positive) and Sticks have a long conversation that ranges from guns to why kids are overweight. Paul and Toby talk a little more about the proposed armed march into DC, and Paul once again rants about drivers.

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Brian and Sticks have regular segments As usual Paul and Toby Ramble.

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Rob Morse and Frank Fiamingo are guests. Paul got a little intoxicated in the recording of parts of the show. Thankfully he has a good team to lean on.

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Kathy Jackson returns with another quick tip. Glen Tate is interviewed, and as the title suggests the conversation went a little bit of everywhere.

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Brian and Paul bring you the miraculous story of how Brian survived liver failure and is with us today.  This episode was recorded in honor of April as National Donate Life month and out of remembrance of the thousands of families every year who in a time of great personal pain make a charitable decision that spares multiple families from experiencing the same loss.

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Toby returns to cohosting duties. Kathy Jackson's Quick Tips return, and Daniel Shaw and Frank Fiamingo are interviewed.

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Brian and Paul join forces to host the show and award Hero of the Week.  You'll hear Brian's Imbecile of the Week, Raquel and Anthony Mele discuss terrorism and the bombing of the Boston Marathon and we close out with the first Roundtable Bull Session featuring Brian, Wes Dahl of Crusader Weaponry, Bryan Bolivar of Canadian Service Conditions Radio, Frank Melloni, and author Michael Z. Williamson.

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Joe Chetwood of Crusader Weaponry is interviewed and Raquel's on target looks at the New York Safe act. Paul goes on a bit of a rant about the recent bombing in Boston.

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Richard Feldman talks gun control as well as politics and Paul and Brian talk about a recent meeting to shoot and the happenings in the Senate this week.

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Paul explains why the show was delayed a day and Raquel's On Target segment returns.

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Due to events over the past few days Paul goes on a bit of a rant about the NRA. Rob Morse is interviewed topics include what can really be done to prevent gun violence.

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Glen Tate talks book 5 of the 299 Days series, Brian has 3 imbeciles to discuss, and Frank Fiamingo stops by.

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Defenseless  Adj.  ~  Lacking protection from danger or resistance from attack.          

Toby and Melisa talk about possible danger in the work place.  Toby finds a lost SHOT Show interview with American Tactical Imports.  And don't forget the outtakes.  Sometimes love hurts.

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This episode features Laura Carno and Guy Smith as well as another of Kathy Jackson's quick tips.

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This episode gets us back to the guns and backs off on the politics some.  Brian and Joe from Crusader talk guns, Brian awards his imbecile of the week, and we finish up with Crusader Weaponry's policy on doing business with agencies of states that don't repect your rights. 

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George Hatch and Charlie Foxtrot join us for a talk about Cowboy Action Shooting. Kathy Jackson's Quick Tips segment is here again and Paul has a rant.

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Joe Chetwood of Crusader Weaponry co-hosts this episode with Brian.  This episode has it all:  great music and an interview courtesy of Madison Rising, some awesome speeches from last week's Gunstock rally in Utah, an Imbecile of the Week, and commentary from Joe and Brian.

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On this show Toby and Sisa talk about some Nebraska and Some national news and a lost Shot Show interview!

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Ken Kowalski of The Rimfire Podcast joins Toby and Paul as a Co-Host this week and Rob Morse of the Slow Facts blog is interviewed.

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Paul and Toby interview Ben Branam of the Modern Self Protection Podcast and frequest guse on Bob Mayne's Handgun World Podcast and Paul and Brian stayed up way too late recording the rest of the episode.

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Glen Tate returns to co-host with Toby and Paul, topics range from how to start prepping and three gun batteries to states "opting out" of federal rules. Kathy Jackson also joins us for a new weekly segment, and we have a new hero of the week and imbecile of the week.

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We welcome back to the show Keith Gibson from History Channel's "Top Shot" Season 4; he and Brian discuss the New York SAFE act and how it is being fought.  Talks from a recent 2nd amendment rally in Pierre, South Dakota include Nathan Gjovic and Representative Lance Russell.  Paul and Brian also do an off the cuff news segment.

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Paul and Brian have a chat with George "Mad Ogre" Hill of Crusader Weaponry's training division and award a special Hero of the Week.  Brian interviews CEO David Burnell of OPSGEAR, names the 2013 Imbecile of the Year (even though it's only March), and embarrasses himself in the outtakes.

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Frank Fiamingo talks about 5 calls for freedom, Raquel's On Tget segment and Brains Imbecile of the Week. Paul and toby talk about a wide variety of things.

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In this episode Kathy Jackson joins Toby and Paul to talk training.

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In this episode we talk with Rob Morse of the Slow Facts Blog and Charles Heller of JPFO.

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Toby had a last minute scheduling conflict and so George Hatch of New Shooter Canada steps in and does the co-hosting duties. Todays show has Brian's Imbecile of the Wekk, and an interview with Eric Lund of FNH USA. We also have audio from the NJ2AS rally last week in New Jersey thanks to the great people at JPFO.

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Frank Fiamingo from NJ2AS joins us for chat and Brian and Toby talk with Jim Fleming of Reloading Radio fame.  Oh, and Toby might have mentioned Canada, just sayin'.

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Paul is busy keeping the economy rolling and interview with Carl Gottstein and more Shot Show coverage.

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Glen Tate stops by to help co-host the show and the tpics range from his series of books to current political concerns to the tragic murder of Chris Kyle.

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The Unnamed Trucker of the Roadgunner Podcast joins Matthew McLatchey and Trevor Furlotte of Canadian Reload Radio, Toby and Paul to kick around about a whole lot of gun stuff.

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On this episode we welcome NJ2AS as a sponsor of the show, we discuss why universal background checks are a bad idea, and we have even more shot show content.

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Dianne Feinstein dropped a big one on the Senate floor, and we have interviews with FNH, CMMG, and ABN Army Surplus.

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Brian takes over co-hosting duties as Toby is still a bit under the weather. Interviews with Rock Island Armory, Top Shot Season 4 contestants, and Molon Labe industries

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Alan Gottlieb with SAF Niel W Mccabe of Human Events, Destinee of Fate of Destinee, Huntington Die Specialties, Grant Cunningham, and Jamison Brass

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This episode we have interviews with 3 different coordinators of the rallys in the states coming up. Also an interview with Jason White of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Finally all 5 of us get together for a talk about our first experiences at Shot Show.

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Eric Reed is interviewed about the January 19th rallys across America and some audio from day 1 of Shot Show

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Mary of M&M Pens and Things stops by for a visit, Raquel's On Target segment is back, and Ken Kowalski stops by for a chat about the most influential American guns.

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On this episode Paul left his computer in South Dakota so Toby attempts to edit a podcast with only a six pack of domestic brew for support.  It's a brief chat before we get ready to head out to Vegas for Shot Show this weekend.

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News from Congress on gun bans, and gun bans working through legislatures in Illinois, New Jersey and New York. Bob Mayne and Glen Tate are guests.

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In this episode Toby and and Paul talk about an attempt in Illinois to quickly pass a gun ban, and Paul interviews Frank Fiamingo of NJ2AS about the CT shooting and other topics.

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The whole staff takes a look back at 2012 and forward into 2013.

Direct download: 76_-_Year_in_review.mp3
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Joe Chetwood of Crusader Weaponry and Mark Vanderberg are guests.

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Toby and Paul talk with Parker from K-Var, distributor of the Saiga Shotgun, and then Bryan Bolivar of Canadian Service Conditions Radio and George Hatch of New Shooter Canada join in for a podcasters roundtable.

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Toby, Raquel, Brian, and Paul talk about the events in Ct on 12/14

Direct download: 74.mp3
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Toby and Paul talk about the Federal court win in Illinois, Brian has his embasile of the week and talks about taking new people shooting. Also an interview with Frank Fiamingo about The Bob Costas bloviation.

Direct download: 73a.mp3
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In this episode Toby and Paul Recordin the same room! They talk about some shooting that they did. Toby and Sisa talk about her CCW class.

Direct download: 73.mp3
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M & M Pens and Things joins the show as a sponsor, Brian and Mick talk holsters, and Paul and Toby talk about Sisa's CCW class and Toby's new Dillon 650.

Direct download: 72.mp3
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Frank Fiamingo and Kathy Jackson are guests.

Direct download: 71.mp3
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Direct download: Episode_70_A_Bit_of_Everything.mp3
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Ben Branam joins Toby and Paul to talk guns

Direct download: Episode_69_-_Sick_and_Tired_and_All_Alone.mp3
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Raquel makes her election picks, Toby and Brian talk hardware, and Paul lights Obama up over Benghazi.

Direct download: Episide_68_-_Election_Week.mp3
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In this episode Toby, Brian and Paul talk to Trevor furlotte of Canadian Reload Radio.

Direct download: Episode_67_-_Canadian_Bacon.mp3
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Frank Fiamingo is interviewed, Toby and Paul have a great time in the Guns and Gear Segment, and Brian Holcomb offers some thoughts on the UN.

Direct download: Episode_66_-_Frank_Fiamingo_and_Issues_with_the_UN.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:39pm CDT

A women's roundtable with Gila Hayes, Kathy Jackson, and Linda Farmer.

Direct download: Episode_65_-_Womens_Roundtable.mp3
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