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In this episode I look back at Sept 11th 2001. Frank Fiamingo, Ben Branam, and Raquel Okyay are guests.

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Mark Vanderberg the founder of the Gun Rights Radio Network and I discuss guns and politics and podcasting, You get to join in!

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On this weeks show Jon Hodoway joins in on a political discussion, and we talk to Nik Clark from Wisconsin Carry.

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This is a Half-Cast that my son Robert Lathrop and I did getting our thoughts out on the Empires Sate Building shooting today, and an interview with Nik Clark of Wisconsin Carry.

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No news segment this week. Instead there is an interview with Gary Slider with The Unnamed Trucker and I interviewed him and the conversation spans everything about traveling with your gun.

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Mitt Romney has selected a VP pick and it is Paul Ryan. Eliot Spitzer is in WAY over his head, A listener email, and interviews with Frank Fiamingo, and Gene Hoffman.

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It is the 6 month aniversary of the show! I discuss how the first six months has affected me. Roy Kubicek of the Days of our Trailers blog is here for an interview, and a listener e-mail from Lance in Kansas.

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In this episode there is a lot more fallout from the Colorado shooting and Raquel Okyay returns for an interview. her recent article on Human Events discussed the shooting.

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We cover a lot of state news, and start to cover the Colorado shooting incident.

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Interviews with Bob Mayne of The Handgun World Show, Raquel Okyay of Human Events, and Adam Turner, President of Open Carry South Dakota, Sioux Falls Chapter.

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Lots of news plus interviews with Charles Heller, Roy Kubicek , and Sebastian of the PAGunBlog.

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Some California and Illinois news along with a fast and furious update, the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, and an Interview with South Dakota Open Carry, Sioux Falls Chapter.

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Fast and Furious is starting to move even faster and an interview with Phil Mulivor.

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Fast and furious news plus news from Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Florida.

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news from Arkansas and Fast and furious news as well as interviews with Adam Turner with South Dakota Open Carry and Frank Fiamingo with NJ2AS

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News from California and Louisiana, plus national news and an interview with Frank Fiomingo with the New jersey Second Amendment Society

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My thoughts on Memorial Day, news from North Carolina and Pennsylvania, an interview with Wade from South Dakota, and and interview with the Un-Named Trucker!

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News from Wisconsin, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, and South Dakota. And some news about the show.

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Question. What do you get when you combine confusion coming from a dispatch office as well as information not coming out in a timely manner with a city with notoriously bad traffic and a moronic president who thought that this would be a good place to have a NATO summit?

Answer. Apodcaster that is steaming mad and not able to put a podcast out tonight. Look for it Saturday evening.

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A news story out of Michigan and some listerner feedback.

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News from California, Ohio, Oklahoma and a bunch of national news.

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Fast and Furious news and a disturbing story out of Wyoming

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Tonight's episode features an interview with Sebastian of the PA Gun blog.

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News from California, New Hampshire, Michigan, Mississippi, and a few national news stories.

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News from New Hamphsire, and Louisiana, as well as some national news and an armed citizens story.

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New York news, plus news about Ted Nugent, a Utah concealed permit holder does the right thing, and Good news from Ohio.

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Aun interveiw with Phil Mulivor author of Proclaiming Liberty: What Patriots and Heroes Really Said about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Also a ton of news and a Fast and Furious update 

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A good deal of national news and I want your opinion on something.

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Some national news stories, Nancy Pelosi wants to gut the first amendment, and an interview with Sebastian of the PA Gun blog.

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News from Alaska, Arizona, Ohio, and California, as well as a special announcement!

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Arizona and Ohio news plus a look at the cost benefit of firearms.

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News from Arizona, Ohio, and Illinois, as well as CCRKBA fries one across Mayor Bloomberg's bow and a poll shows that we are winning.

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On tonight's podcast we have stories from Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and some national news.

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A TON of state news, a little national news, and I get a little personal.

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Updates on the Sanford Florida shooting, The California campus shooting, Operation Fast and Furious, and a listener e-mail.

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State news from Louisiana and California, some national news, a listener e-mail, amd tactical kilts!

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News from Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, and New York. A follow up on Jared from Florida's letter to his senators. And I talk some more about libertarianisim.

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State news from Tennessee, North Carolina, New Jersey, Iowa, and Georgia. Also Obama and Fast and Furious news.

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News from California, and Colorado. Some national news and an interview with The Un-named Trucker of the Roadgunner Podcast!

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South Carolina and Iowa news and well as a update on Fast and Furious and Janet Napolitano shenanigans. Also the Sanford, Florida shooting is discussed

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Tons of news and how your 1st Amendment rights can be "terminated" by the Chicago PD.

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A lot of state and national news, plus updates on Fast and Furious and a rant about Obama using us as his personal travel agency.

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Various state news and Hr822 comes to the Senate!

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News, news and more news!

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Several news stories and FREE COFFEE!!!

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Maryland, Colorado, and Virginia news, and an E-mail from Jeff in Dallas!

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Mayor Bloomberg is ticked, Drung gangs are trying to take over central america, I destroyed my website, and another question I wanted to ask you about.

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Another listener email, and news about fast and firious, sate news from South Dakota, Virginia, Oklahoma and Iowa.

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The usual news, discussion, and a question / request for the libertarians that listen.

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more Fast and Furious news, plus news from Minnesota, Hew Hampshire, Arkansas, and Michigan.

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An e-mail from Jeffrey in Dallas, Claifornia concealed carry, the Brady compaign state rankings, and an important bill up in Minnesota.

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More Fast and Furious, The Virginia Tea Party has issues with the IRS and some election ideas.

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Darrell Issa starts to move toward contempt of congress charges, Obamas budget says gun-walking is ok again, a texas mother is forced through TSA screening multiple times, and getting involved.

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Starbucks, Fast and Furious, and some Tennesee news.

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Rahm Emanuel want's to start an Illinois state handgun registry, Obama Vs the Catholic Church, and a Troubling legal case out of South Dakota.

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Finally digging in to Operation Fast and Furious, Stenny Hoyers idiocy in reguards to a Federal budget, and 2 south Dakota bills are almost totaly dead.

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Contacting your elected officials. A thank you to the our military, and a few things going on in Virginia and South Dakota.

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Why anti-gun measures hurt us all and Mayor Bloomburg's hypocracy.

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An introduction to me and my views, and what I would like to do with the podcast.

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