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Glen Tate talks about Bro-mance, Tampons, and Action Figures.  Sticks and Toby kidnap Paul from the Wonderland that is Trucking and there may be some gun talk. So come for the popcorn and stay for the out takes, it's another wild ride!

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Paul is still AWOL so Toby has to pretend to be a 'Grown up' for a really fun interview with Rob Morse of Slow Facts Blog.  We cover and heaping pile of politics, some fun gun banter and poetry was even mentioned.

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Sticks and Toby talk about a little bit of everything.

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Paul brings audio from the South Dakota Rally and Concealment Solutions joins the list of great sponsors.  Paul as David Hasselhoff?  So climb aboard, strap on?...Uh, Brian?????

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