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The usual news, discussion, and a question / request for the libertarians that listen.

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more Fast and Furious news, plus news from Minnesota, Hew Hampshire, Arkansas, and Michigan.

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An e-mail from Jeffrey in Dallas, Claifornia concealed carry, the Brady compaign state rankings, and an important bill up in Minnesota.

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More Fast and Furious, The Virginia Tea Party has issues with the IRS and some election ideas.

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Darrell Issa starts to move toward contempt of congress charges, Obamas budget says gun-walking is ok again, a texas mother is forced through TSA screening multiple times, and getting involved.

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Starbucks, Fast and Furious, and some Tennesee news.

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Rahm Emanuel want's to start an Illinois state handgun registry, Obama Vs the Catholic Church, and a Troubling legal case out of South Dakota.

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Finally digging in to Operation Fast and Furious, Stenny Hoyers idiocy in reguards to a Federal budget, and 2 south Dakota bills are almost totaly dead.

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Contacting your elected officials. A thank you to the our military, and a few things going on in Virginia and South Dakota.

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Why anti-gun measures hurt us all and Mayor Bloomburg's hypocracy.

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An introduction to me and my views, and what I would like to do with the podcast.

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