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Brian and Paul sit down to catch up, discuss visits to our sponsors and hash out Syria.  Paul has an interview with Larry Keane, senior VP and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, in "Ask the Gundoctor" Brian and Joe Chetwood discuss aftermarket gun finishes, and Brian finally gets to go after Bill Blinton in "Imbecile of the Week".

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Glen Tate talks about Bro-mance, Tampons, and Action Figures.  Sticks and Toby kidnap Paul from the Wonderland that is Trucking and there may be some gun talk. So come for the popcorn and stay for the out takes, it's another wild ride!

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Tonight we dug up Brian's lost Imbecile of the Week segment from several weeks ago.  Survivial Corner #4 with Paul and Sticks airs, and we finally finish Brian's interview with Renaissance Firearms Instruction in New York.

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Brian and Sticks welcome our two new show sponsors, Concealment Solutions and Rangemasters of Utah.  Sticks and Annie walk through a complete AR build.


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Paul is still AWOL so Toby has to pretend to be a 'Grown up' for a really fun interview with Rob Morse of Slow Facts Blog.  We cover and heaping pile of politics, some fun gun banter and poetry was even mentioned.

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Sticks and Toby catch up on a few things. Sticks talks about the funeral of a fallen and we have another segment of Women and Guns

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On this episode Shelley Sargent of GunUp the Magazine is interviewed and Sticks, Toby and Paul put together Survival Corner #3.

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Sticks, Toby and Paul talk about a variety of different topics.

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On this episode Sticks continues his Women and Guns series with Michelle and Tamara of American Gun Rights. Paul Toby and Sticks talk about the Westboro Baptist Church and the plans they have to interfere with a funeral for a hero.

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Gary Harpster from ABN Army Surplus joins us to talk about a special event going on for enlisted service members and Paul, Sticks and Toby put together Survival Corner #2.

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Brian and Sticks are back with the regular mid week show.  Sticks has another addition to his "Women and Guns" series with Kristy, and Brian sits down with the instructors from New York based Renaissance Firearms Instruction.

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