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On this episode Toby rearns a Rifleman badge at an Appleseed shoot, and we have listener email.

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On this episode the crew (minus Toby) talks a wide range of topics, and the Ask the GunDoc Segment returns!

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On this episode we welcome Rob Morse as a new member of the cast and talk about various things in the news, and go over some listeners emails.

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On today's show Sticks talks with Owen Frewelling about hunting for survival.

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Ray Mancini is interviewed, Paul and Sticks talk about the Colorado victories and the events surrounding 9/11.

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There is plenty of news and conversation in this one. Stace Nelson is interviewed, he is running for South Dakota's senate seat next year. Eric Reed, president of Gun Rights Across America talks about a new event happening in October. And Paul, Sticks and Toby talk about a great number of happenings.

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Brian interviews Athena Lee, one of the world's best ladies in the world of Practical Pistol Competition.  Topics covered include learning to shoot, immigrating to the US, Filipino firearms laws, Top Shot, Tommy Guns, the challenge of shooting a new gun, and some guns that most of us will only dream about from Limcat Custom.

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On this episode Jesse Rierson of South Dakota Open Carry stops by and Sticks, Toby and Paul have a conversation with Ken Kowalski of the Rimfire Podcast.

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Frank Fiamingo, Laura Carno, and Rob Morse are guests.

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