SAF's Polite Society Podcast

Mike McAlpine who is the head of the Hudak recall effort joins us to talk about the recall and her recent resignation. After that Trevor Furlotte and Matthew McLatchy of Slam Fire Radio drop by. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Marty Hayes stops by to dicuss the Firearms Acadamy of Seattle and the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

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Rachel Malone is interviewed and there is some news and DGU stories.

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David Nash is interviewed and we have multiple DGU stories again.

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Derrick with Prepper Press is interviewed, plus we have plenty of news and three armed citizen stories!

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No guests, but plenty of news and defensive gun use stories.

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The whole gang got together to discuss Toby's future gun choices, Also Ken and Bryan from Modern Rifleman Radio are interviewed.

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Troy Grice, author of Indivisible: With Justice for Some and Kings Custom Coatings are interviewed.

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A hefty news segment and Joe Nobody is interviewed.

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Sticks interviews Mark with the Prepper Recon Podcast about the 7 Survival Steps.

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