SAF's Polite Society Podcast

Lots of News and DGU's and Scout with the Appleseed Project makes a return visit.

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We have our usual news and DGU's plus we break a story that John and Paul worked on.

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Frank Fiaming and Kyle Coplin are interviewed. Call 605-215-1438 to leave your comments for the show!

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Call in to leave a voicemail for the show 605-215-1438.

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No guests this episode, but plenty of content! Please call the show at 605-215-1438 or email to get in touch!

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When do you need to inform a law enforcement officer that you are carrying? Is it ever a good idea not to? We answer this and have a little fun with Chaz, The Un-Named Trucker of the Roadgunner Podcast on today's show.

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A new New Jersey 2A group is interviewed and we discuss many things including the Fort Hood shooting.

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Do violent video games hurt our children? Andrew Rothman and Joe Kalil are interviewed.

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